Who Made This Watch?

James Russell & Co, Hartford Conn

#20242 information and pictures provided by Mike Warren

This 7 jewel movement is similar in many respects to 19770, except for the "Co" signature. Note its undersprung hairspring is anchored to a stud hidden under the balance bridge, as is also the case on 20493 and 22177. This feature was discontinued on AWCo P.S. Bartlett grade movements in June-July 1860, the probable time frame in which this James Russell watch was made.

The hunting case has identical numbers on all lids, #20242, same as on movement. Inside the face cover and the back cover is a lion hallmark with letters above that look to be EAW (see photo below). Mike has the original box and he explains, the top of the box is inked, "carried through this war, Co. D 148th Reg. P.V. was at the surrender of General Lee's army." Written on the bottom of the box is, "W. D. Ross Co. D. 148th Regt. P.V.I. carried this watch all through this civil war." Mike researched this information and found that the owner was William D. Ross who mustered in the Civil War on August 28, 1862. Mike has more information that might be published elsewhere; but this finding is more data that dates these James Russell watches!

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