Who Made This Watch?

James Russell & Co, Hartford Conn

#21283 information and pictures provided by Alan House

This movement is very similar to 20687, 20145 and 331, an excellent copy of a 15J Appleton Tracy grade model 57 with an early expansion balance (note the arms of the balance are wider at the rim and have a hole in them) and real jewel settings. The dial (Moorehouse ?) is the same as on the other higher grade James Russells.

The number 283 is on barrel bridge, and the number 21283 is on the pillar plate along with sub-assembly number 22. The number 22 is also stamped on the underside of the balance bridge along with 83.

The case for this watch appears to be original with the numbers 283 stamped on all three covers. An eagle with head turned left has been stamped on both the front and back covers.  There are some very small letters stamped on the front & rear covers that might be CF&BRO.  The outside of the case is plain except for a medallion engraved on the center of the front cover in the shape of a police badge with a five pointed star in the middle. click here for hallmarks

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