Who Made This Watch?

James Russell & Co., Hartford Conn

#22177 information and pictures provided by Alan House

This movement is similar in many respects to19841, and probably 20493, with its 11 translucent jewels, sprung under hairspring, hidden stud, applied index, location of signature and full number on the barrel bridge. However, it does not have the fake jewel settings; the top plate jewels are just pressed into the plate! Interestingly the P.S. Bartlett Model 57 was given fake jewel settings around S/N 11000, July 1858; before that it had pinned plates. I am aware of a couple 11 jewel J. Watson M57s (Circa 1861) but they too have fake jewel settings. The next grade in line was the Wm Ellery and it was introduced without jewel settings, but this was in 1862. The Serial Number Ledger lists a mere two 11 jewel Ellerys in May, 1861.

A "sub-assembly number" 2 is stamped on the pillar plate and on the underside of the balance bridge. However, different from 19841, the full number 22177 is stamped on the underside of the barrel bridge.

The case on this watch is marked 53166 on the back cover.  Inside front cover reveals ARGENT, T13JBC written in an oval with the numbers  3 6 under.  The case is heavily worn but shows a soldier on a horse on the front cover.  A harbor scene with two men in a row boat on the back.

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