Who Made This Watch?

James Russell & Co., Hartford Conn

#22899 by Ron Price

Comparison of pillar plate and potance with P.S. Bartlett #17053

The 15J Russell has "peep holes" next to the pallet arbor with which to view the escapement in motion like the standard Waltham feature. The location of the sub-assembly number 30 is very characteristic of standard Waltham plates. Russell's long bridge is a little wider than PSB's. Russell's pillar plate jewels are smaller than the PSB's; ditto on the top plate, as can be seen below with the potance views on the under side of the top plates. On the other hand, the jewels are about the same size (1.5mm) as those on Appleton Tracy #27902 as can be seen in the last frame below.
James Russell potance on #22899
P.S. Bartlett potance on #17053
James Russell #22899 pillar plate view
Appleton Tracy #27902 pillar plate view (with circular click removed)

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