Who Made This Watch?

James Russell & Co, Hartford Conn

James Russell #24862, of the lower grade "P.S. Bartlett look-a-like" watch, sold at eBay December 9, 2013, for $104.50. It has a hunting case with matching serial number, but without a maker name. A watchmaker's paper is inside the case from Oakland (see photo below, but doesn't say which state). There is a 854 Washington Street in Oakland CA, but it is between 8th & 9th. Seller says the watch was found in the California Cold Country (I guess that would be the Sierra foothills, if he didn't mean Gold Country). Jeff Marcus later restored this watch and reports it is 11J with number 79 stamped on inside parts; also 24397 is stamped on the upper plate under the dial where 397 is over struck with three sideways 0's.


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