Who Made This Watch?

James Russell & Co., Hartford Conn

#331 from Dave Wallace

This James Russell looks like an excellent copy of an Appleton Tracy grade M57 with an early expansion balance (note the arms of the balance are wider at the rim and have a hole in them). It is also very interesting in that its coin OF case #530 has dates engraved on the cuvette (Nov 26 '62 and May 1 '93). Presumedly '62 is 1862 which dates these watches to early 1860s period. I wonder if May 1 '93 is 1893 or 1993. Dave has not taken the watch apart, so he does not yet know of other numbers (e.g., a 5 digit number on the pillar plate such as 20331; a la Russell movements #145 and #687). Note the unusual arabic numerals on dial.

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