Greater Massachusetts Chapter 87 NAWCC

Dan Haff, President


  Russell Ferris, Secretary
P.O. Box 415
Maynard, MA 01754-9998

Meetings Past (1996 - 2005)

November 13, 2005
Peabody Holiday Inn

Meeting Highlights by Arek R. Baizerman

Our last meeting was held on Sunday, November 13, 2005. It seems like only the week before, but 2 months had passed since our last meeting at the Peabody Holiday Inn back in September. The previous weeks snows didn't  stop our members from bringing plenty of  goods for the Mart tables. Dozens of eager members and visitors crowded the registration table by the 8:30 opening bell, and several old faces returned as members. Attendees welcomed the high turnout. "The more, the merrier" may truly be the Chapter 87 motto. Membership in "87" has risen overall in 2005, with many returning members as well as some new faces.

Buying and selling remained busy until the announcement for our presentation was given around 10:00am. Tom McIntyre, Vice President of the NAWCC, gave a terrific presentation on the Waltham Crescent Street model 1870 - America's First Railroad Watch, including early variations and a table with production dates and serial numbers.  For the first time in recent memory, trading stopped for the duration of our guest speakers fantastic presentation. He earned his hearty round of applause.

We are hoping to bring Mr. McIntyre back again, and we are busy recruiting other speakers for upcoming Meetings.  Please contact the Chapter 87 Board if you are interested in presenting at a meeting.

Again, a lucky seller won the $20 award for being the last table open for business, just before midday.  We are continuing with our "silent auction" for anyone not interested in buying a table at the Mart.

Chapter 87's effort to bring in old and new members from around the region is going full-speed ahead. The Board wishes to express an invitation to members from around the New England area to join us for our upcoming January and March 2006 Meetings & Marts. We are  in the planning stages for a summer picnic Meeting & Mart, location to-be-determined as of our printing deadline.

-- Arek

September 11, 2005
Peabody Holiday Inn

Meeting Highlights by Arek R. Baizerman

The sunny weather helped draw a good crowd to the "usual" venue at the Peabody Holiday Inn. As always, members happily ate their complimentary pastry and drank coffee as they bartered, bought, & sold across the conference room.

The action halted for a moment of silence in honor of the September 11th Anniversary before the President and Treasurer gave their monthly reports at 10:00am. A steady rise in Mart Table sales and increased attendance were welcome news to members from President John Wetherell. Membership in our chapter has risen overall in 2005.

Chapter Treasurer gave the year-to-date financial statement, and once again Chapter 87 is posting a modest gain. The 2nd Vice President, Charles Fairbrother abdicated his seat at the publicity post for the Chapter 87 Board, and Arek Baizerman was nominated and voted-in by members to fill his shoes. A Round of applause was given to Moritz Elsaesser, chapter 87 member and recipient of the NAWCC Henry B. Fried Award. Buying and selling remained busy until the lucky seller won the $20 award for being the last table open for business, just before midday.

Chapter 87's effort to bring in members from around the region is still in development. The Board wishes to express an invitation to members from outside and around the New England area to join us for our upcoming winter Meetings & Marts. After the resounding success of our Free Table Mart, members are likely to see another in 2006.

-- Arek

March 13, 2005
Peabody Holiday Inn

The March meeting was a near sellout with100 guests and forty table holders, despite a heavy snowstorm the night before. Chapter President, John Wetherell, convened an early morning meeting of the Council. Charles Fairbrother ran a workshop called Polishing Clock Escapements. He worked with a small group of people to show them how to remove wear marks from a clock verge. The Chapter is planning future workshops and talks.

We are continuing the half-price tables for the May meeting. Note: half tables have been eliminated, so if you have only a few items try our "Silent Auction".

Left, Gennady (Gena) Lubensky (Gena's Vintage Watches) ponders a possible purchase. Center, photographer interrupts Chris Carey (Watertown Watch and Clock Co.) and Tom McIntyre (AWCo Public Service Web). Right, Charles Fairbrother at speaker's table Polishing Clock Escapements.

November 14, 2004
Peabody Holiday Inn

The November 14* Meeting was held at the Holiday Inn in Peabody. MA. President John Wetherell conducted an early morning meeting with the council. The mart opened at 8:30 a.m. and the 30 table holders and 90 attendees were busy buying and selling. At 10:00 a.m. Al Murry and Dan Haff conducted a workshop on polishing Seth Thomas Adamantine clocks. Al demonstrated how to polish and wax these old clocks. Everyone learned a lot. The mart ended before noon.

~ Charles Fairbrother

September 19, 2004
Peabody Holiday Inn

Our Chapter is an active one with over 160 members, and the bi-monthly MART was well attended. Shoppers had a wide variety of watches, clocks and parts to choose from, with many items finding a new home.

Also after the meeting, being our annual meeting, chapter officers for 2004-2005 were elected as follows:
President: John Wetherell
First V.P.: Al Murray
Second V.P.: Charles Fairbrother
Secretary: Charles Deacon
Treasurer: Ken Hawkins
Directors: Russ Ferns, Dan Haff, Carl McNulty, Bill Weaver

After the election the council met and planned a number of enhancements for the chapter based on members' suggestions. These included classes and "show and tell" for future meetings, and new liberalization MART admission policies, which we expect will help our chapter to grow.

We welcome new members and guests, so if you're in the area come visit us.

-- John Wetherell

Mart room, March 28, 2004
9AM trading frenzy
Watertown Watch & Clock was busy

* * * * *

New mart room, September 15, 2002

* * * * *

Trading frenzy at the September 16, 2001, meeting

September 16, 2001, meeting

* * * * *

July 12, 1998 Picnic Meeting

Chelmsford picnic meeting

No, this is not the Chelmsford flea market. It's the annual July Ch 87 picnic meeting held at the Chelmsford Lodge Of Elks #2310. Beautiful sun burning day, great turnout, nice trading by all.

* * * * *

Arthur Fitzgerald and Jack Goudreau

Arthur and Jack, of Jack Goudreau & Arthur Fitzgerald Vintage Watches, at the March 16, 1997, meeting.

* * * * *

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